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#158 STAR FIST (Slovakia)

Alena Štefánik

The finals at University of Bratislava had been brutal, and Alena needed a serious break from all the studying she had been doing for months. When her friend Anna suggested that they go skiing in the High Tatras Mountains, Alena jumped at it. She quickly packed her Yugo and away she went. Her Yugo might have been a relic from a bygone day, but at least it worked, and Alena had stopped paying attention to that 'Check Engine Soon' light years ago.

Alena growled as she made her way out of Bratislava, the traffic had been horrific, and she was late getting up into the mountains. She refrained from cursing under her breathe when she remembered that one of her headlights didn't work. Normally Alena only drove her car during the day. However, as she headed up into the mountains Alena turned up the radio and put shifted the cranky gear shift into the next gear. Alena was singing along to a Pink song and whipping around corners too fast when she barely saw the hay wagon before it was too late. In a panic Alena swerved to miss the hay wagon. Tires screeched and the nearby guardrail shattered into a little pieces of steel as the Yugo went airborne. Things seemed to go in slow motion and Alena barely had time to scream.
Bright lights flared out of nowhere illuminating the night sky over the High Tatras Mountains. The Yugo plummeted down into a ravine where it promptly exploded into a massive fireball, just like in the movies. As for Alena, she saw it all. She standing looking down at the scene of the accident the wind gently ruffling her her short hair. Plus she was standing in mid-air and that was certainly a new experience for the college student. Another scream felt like it was coming up and Alena fought it down.
Alena turned her head to look back at the road she had just left moments ago. She knew that she shouldn't been alive and couldn't explain it. Alena blinked back tears, and as she did the blinding flash of light came again. When Alena finally got control of herself, she saw that she was no longer standing over a ravine in the High Tatras Mountains, but was standing on the road once again. This was too much for the young woman and she went to her knees retching.

A few minutes later a shaky Alena got back to her feet. Looking around for the hay wagon, she didn't see it at all. This angered Alena a lot. The jerk hadn't even stayed around to see what had happened to her. The anger was hard to control, and without thinking Alena lashed out. Her fist slammed into the cliff side and again came the blinding light. This time, however, there was a loud explosion as several cubic meters of rock, and dirt were obliterated in the blink of an eye. Alena couldn't believe it. In stunned silence she looked down at her hands, which glowed slightly in the moonlight. She had done this, she had somehow rescued herself from her plunging car.
The trip back to Bratislava was one which Alena did her best to forget, however, all along the way she kept asking herself how she would dealt with this. She had super-powers. Would she use them for good or would she use them for evil? Would she ever really have them under control? Alena just couldn't be sure.

A week after getting back home and telling everyone that her car had been stolen and finding that no one really cared, Alena stumbled across an ad in the paper for a new dojo opening near the university. Alena thought karate would be perfect to help her control her powers. Often times Alena would find her hands glowing when she got upset or really excited. It turned out that karate was part of the answer for Alena.
One night after sitting down in front of the TV, Alena caught a newscast on GUNN the Global Uber News Network. In nearby Sarajevo the Serbian Six were confronting the Dawnstars. Alena was mesmerized by what she saw on the TV. There were loud explosions all over the place. A cheerful Terry Davis, star report for GUNN, attempted to report on the mayhem. In the end the Dawnstars were victorious even though a good chunk of Sarajevo had been damaged in the melee. After watching the broadcast Alena knew what she was going to do. She was going to be a super-hero, just like those people in Dawnstars. Becoming a super-hero was the second part of the answer for Alena.

A new super-heroine calling herself Star Fist made her presence known in Slovakia. Star Fist has made a name for herself battling bank robbers and other small time criminals. However, her efforts have also brought her to the attention of the Serbian Six. The six don't take kindly to this new super-heroine and have been trying to find her so that they can take her out. So far Alena hasn't had to face the entire Serbian Six, but it's just a matter of time.
Alena is new at the super-hero game, a so far she has been lucky not to have a short career as a super-hero. However, Alena believes that there isn't anything she can't accomplish so long as she tries her hardest. Some people think that Alena, as Star Fist, is quite naive, but time and a few beatings might bring her around. In some respects Alena has been luck in that she hasn't been challenged by any major super-villain. To most super-villains Alena comes across as very young. So far, only the Serbian Six have been gunning for Star Fist.
"Gee, who would've thought that would've happened."
Alena isn't exactly sure where her powers came from, or even how her powers work. What she knows is that she's able to produce a powerful burst of energy which she calls her 'Star Punch'. The major drawback to her powers is that they take a lot of energy for Alena to use them, and Alena will tire quickly if she uses them too much. Alena's second most powerful ability is the power to generate a blinding flash, which has no effect on her. She calls this power her 'Star Bright'. Like her 'Star Punch' power, her 'Star Bright' power can only materialize a couple of feet away from her. Alena can use the energy to alter her clothes making her into Star Fist.

Alena can also use the energy to fly after a fashion. However, Alena isn't very fast, but flying doesn't tire her out as fast as her offensive powers. Also with a little concentration, Alena can physically move herself from one point to another without having to go through the same space. This teleportation, however, isn't the safest mode of transportation, and Alena is leery of using in enclosed areas.

Since Alena has a little trouble controlling her powers, she has taken to learn karate. So far she has proven to be quite adapt at the martial arts. In her Star Fist identity, Alena often falls back on her martial arts training as it doesn't tire her out as does her other abilities.
Alena a slight young university student. She keeps her hair cut short, and Alena likes to add hair jel to it to keep it in stylish spikes. Alena can use her powers to warp her costume on her body without taking the time to change. The transformation is almost instantaneous, but sometimes comes with a bright flash. Alena has brown eyes that just proclaim that she's too young to be a super-hero.

As Star Fist, Alena wears an armored two part costume leaving a generous bare mid-drift. The upper half is skintight and covers from the ends of her arms with a wide collar at the neck. Her costume is two colors: yellow and white. The lower half of her costume is skintight as well, and has a similar color scheme as the top. Naturally, Alena wears a domino mask to maintain her secret identity.

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#158 Slovakia

The second part of the former nation of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia is known for being part of the Soviet Union after WWII. In 1989 communism fell, just like the Berlin Wall (nice timing on the 20th anniversary of that event, by the way). Czechoslovakia divided intself into Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993.

Official Name: Slovak Republic
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Capital: Bratislava
Population: 5,463,046 (July 2009 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Slovak 85.8%, Hungarian 9.7%, Roma 1.7%, Ruthenian/Ukrainian 1%, other and unspecified 1.8% (2001 census)
Major Languages: Slovak (official) 83.9%, Hungarian 10.7%, Roma 1.8%, Ukrainian 1%, other or unspecified 2.6% (2001 census)

ANd now for the building blocks of this character...

Step One: Slovakia
Step Two: (4) Single Character
Step Three: (2.5) Female
Step Four: (4.1) Hero
Step Five: (11.6 and 5) Martial Artist and Energy Projector
Step Six: (4.1) 250 Points (150 Base + 100 Disadvantages)
Step Seven: (2) 0XP
Step Eight: (3) Modern Age

Let's Go!

#157 EVOLINA (Singapore)


It was all Evol Khans' fault. Well, in so far that he is really Dr. Eve Addams-Khans' father, despite the nasty rumor Eve is Evol Khan's clone. Eve is actually the daughter of one of Evol Khans' concubines. Later, when Eve showed some promise, Evol Khan actually adopted her, a rare treat for one of his bastard children.

There is not much doubt who her father was and so when Eve was only twelve years old, she graduated from the Santo Miguel Boarding School in Andorra, an ultra-exclusive boarding school. Evol Kahn paid for Eve´s tuition in some of the best scientific universities in the world. Eve studied hard and wanted to go into medicine. She probably would have made a very good doctor, but while trying to get her grad paper ready she stumbled upon some old papers from Doctor Sukamo in her fathers' study. Little did Eve know that Doctor Sukamo and Doctor Komodo were the same person.
Eve was fascinated with the lost papers of Doctor Komodo. She started to apply her considerable intellect upon the problems described in those papers and within a very short time she was able to solve a few problems that had so far stumped of the most famous geneticists in the world, including Doctor Komodo. Fortunately, Eve was smart enough to realize how far ahead of the rest of the scientists she was and she concealed her breakthrough at forced growth. In less than a year after discovering the papers, Eve graduated with honors.

The scientific community was astonished about what Eve had accomplished in so short a time, and Eve was lauded as a Wunderkind the world over. Even her father was impressed. Using his vast fortune and immense power, Evol Khan opened a few doors in Singapore for and Eve went for it.

Her first foray into business was the establishment of the Khan Institute, which became one of the most important think tanks in south east Asia. Only the Superhuman, Arcane, Genetic, and Extra-terrestrial Investigators or S.A.G.E., and the Numen-Kami Institute can boast of having more intellectuals on staff. With the backing of Evol Khan, Evoline has gone further in founding a subsidiary to the Khan Institute, called the Khan Medical Industries. Khan Medical Industries, is the largest producers of medicine that deal with genetics, in the world. There have been a few times that Eves' daddy has asked for assistance, and Eve has only been too happy to help. Eve has become Evol Khan's scientific expert since Doctor Crab has returned to Japan.

Her nickname, Evolina, comes from her fascination with the evolutionary theory and of course the fact that she is daddy's little girl.

Eve loves her father and science, in that order. She looks up to Evol Khan, as if he were her hero. The way she looks at it, if it wasn't for Evol Khan, she wouldn't be where she is today, one of the most brilliant minds in the world. Following a close second in her affection in science. Unfortunately for Eve, ethics has little to do with the way she thinks. For Eve, ethics are for lesser men, and it is the end result that counts in her book.

Eve believes that she's doing mankind a favor by tampering with the genetic code. Her bodyguards are a prime example of her improvements. They are stronger, faster, and more resilient than a normal person could be. Just because they're also extremely violent at times is just a minor side effect, one which Eve will solve in the next batch.

Some of her success, has certainly gone to Eve's head. She has always had a competitive streak in her, and isn't above ruining a fellow scientists life and reputation so long as it furthers her career. Those scientists who prove too stupid to not agree with Eve's findings occasionally will have a visit from one of bodyguards.

"I think I could do it better."

Eve has tampered a little with her own genetic structure. As such she is now completely immune to almost any disease, or bio-warfare agent. Eve needs little sleep, and has extended her life expectancy to an unknown level. Her flesh is more resistant to lethal blows. Eve has been shot before by rivals, and has come back to attend their funerals. She has always been an athletic woman, and with a little alteration can run and swim like an Olympic athlete. Lastly, Eve doesn't miss anything. This is something she has been able to do since childhood.

Since Eve was a teenager, she has studied Pentiak Silat, or Indonesian stick fighting. Eve considers herself quite adapt in the martial arts. Even with her martial arts background, Eve knows she has a target painted on her back, and the best way to protect herself was to modify a few of her bodyguards. These ten men guard Eve day and night. Each is capable of putting his fist through a brick wall. While not powerful enough to probably stop a super-hero, a normal person wouldn't stand a chance against them.

Eve is a ravishing Eurasian woman with long straight black hair. She looks more Asian than European, but Asians certainly know that Eve isn't one of them. Eve stands taller than more Asian women, and even a few the men as well. Her brown eyes are also more European than Asian as well. Eve also appears to be younger than what most people would think when they first meet her. She is often pleased when people complement her on how young she looks. To this Eve usually says that it is because of “good genetics”.
When out in the public, usually with her father, Evol Khan, Eve dresses in the finest and most expensive of silk dresses with matching handbag and shoes. Eve is considered one of the best dressed women in Singapore. However, in her usual environment, the dresses are replaced with more casual clothes and the standard lab coat, a few spots of unidentified matter splattered on the sleeves.

#157 Singapore

Singapore was founded by the British as a trading colony early in the 19th century. It has been an independent city-state for most of its' existance. Singapore is one of the wealthiest cities in Asia. Evol Khan, is known as the power behind the city, and is a sponsor of the cities super-hero group, Singapore Samurai. Little do the heroes know of the evil in their midst.

The CIA Factbook has the following on Singapore:

Official Name: Republic of Singapore
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Capital: Singapore
Population: 4,657,542 (2009 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Chinese 76.8%, Malay 13.9%, Indian 7.9%, other 1.4%
Major Languages: Mandarin 35%, English 23%, Malay 14.1%, Hokkien 11.4%, Cantonese 5.7%, Teochew 4.9%, Tamil 3.2%, other Chinese dialects 1.8%, other 0.9%

Once again, Black-Ops has graciously offered to do Singapore's entry.

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#156 THE FREE MEN (Sierra Leone)

Agents of Solomon Bangura
Character Sheet (Click Here)

The Free Men were established in Sierra Leone after the bloody civil war ended in 2002. When the United Nations left three years later, the Free Men's founder, Solomon Bangura, was established as the new president. Since then Bangura has passed anti-uberhuman legislation which now prohibits any ubers from operating within its boundaries. Popular belief amongst Sierra Leoneans is that ubers were responsible for the war and Bangura's government is active in the reinforcement of these beliefs.

The agents who work for the government are most likely taken from the military, although not much is known about their origins at all. The technology that they use is highly advanced and SAGE believes it is extraterrestrial. Whether or not this is true is unknown, but the Free Men are ardent followers of the Bangura regime and hunt out uberhumans within the borders of Sierra Leone, as well as sometimes offering their services to other governments. There are rumours that an uberhuman detention facility has been established in northern Sierra Leone, but again, nothing has been confirmed.

The Free Men are secretive and loyal. They do not publicly contradict their superiors and follow their assignments with precision. When on a mission they operate effectively in co-ordinated synergy, utilising their high tech communicators and teleportation ability to sneak in and grab their target.

"'Port in, grab the demon and get out again. No heroics."

The Free Men uniform is composed of a highly resistant polymer, possibly alien in origin. It has a fine layer of electronics in between its protective coating which enables them to form teleportational fields, the range of which is approximately 30m. The uniforms also possess potent psychic-shielding and an advanced communications system which has never been hacked into, despite some governments' best attempts.

The Free Men use two weapons: an energy pistol and a tangle web sphere. When their mission is to capture an uberhuman they generally teleport in and restrain the target with the tangle web and then teleport back out again. They can also simply teleport in, grab the target and teleport out again if the target is less dangerous. All agents are trained in hand to hand combat.

The Free Men wear a black uniform which assists them in their covert operations. Their entire body is covered.

#156 Sierra Leone

This will be a quickie... Sierra Leone is an African nation on the west coast, and was a location for freed slaves from Jamaica. There's been strife recently (1991-2002 Civil War) but after that was resolved the country seems to be stable under the watch of the United Nations.

The CIA World Factbook has the following information on Sierra Leone (although it looks like the CIA have dropped information on the country's history...):

Official Name: Republic of Sierra Leone
Government: Constitutional Democracy
Capital: Freetown
Population: 6,440,053 (July 2009 est.)
Ethnic Groups: 20 African ethnic groups 90% (Temne 30%, Mende 30%, other 30%), Creole (Krio) 10% (descendants of freed Jamaican slaves who were settled in the Freetown area in the late-18th century), refugees from Liberia's recent civil war, small numbers of Europeans, Lebanese, Pakistanis, and Indians
Major Languages: English (official, regular use limited to literate minority), Mende (principal vernacular in the south), Temne (principal vernacular in the north), Krio (English-based Creole, spoken by the descendants of freed Jamaican slaves who were settled in the Freetown area, a lingua franca and a first language for 10% of the population but understood by 95%)

And the character is ...

... already written up.

I went with an organisation that was anti-Uber and their agents are known as the Free Men. Classic fodder for anti-mutant styled games.

#15 Flair (Seychelles)


Felicite Laroche / Lang Far

Felicite's mother along with three of her sisters fled Hong Kong for Seychelles fearing that the Chinese were going to take over the city from the British earlier than was planned. Her mother was a famous actress from the seventies in Hong Kong along with her sisters who were known as the Seven Sisters of Shaolin. Felicite's mother married a fisherman in Victoria. Her mother and her sisters set up a home, while her father kept out of the way on his boat.

Growing up with her mother and her aunties, Felicite heard countless tales of Hong Kong. In addition to the fascinating tales, Felicite learned the Seven Sisters of Shaolin style of Kung Fu. From the age of six, Felicite spent several hours a day studying under her mother and her aunties. Over the years Felicite quickly mastered the secrets of kung fu, eventually learning all the secrets of the Seven Sisters of Shaolin style.

Felicite always that living in Seychelles was too provincial for her. She longed for the Hong Kong that her mother and aunties spoke of. Felicite was barely eighteen when she stowed away in a freighter bound for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was all that Felicite wished for and feared. In Hong Kong, Felicite made contact with her aunties that had remained in the city and stayed with them for awhile. It was her aunties who got Felicite into the movies. At first Felicite go a few bit parts, but soon the directors notices her natural beauty and grace. Using the assumed name, Lang Far broke into pictures. Her first movie was called “The Golden Mask of Madame Ling.” Far was great in the role, however, the producers failed to give the Triads their bribe, so the movie was never released. In fact Far has the only surviving copy of the film. Another thing that Far kept from the movie was the mask.

Her next film is the one that made her a household name in Hong Kong. It was film titled “The Princess and the Silver Sword”, in which she played the title role of Princess Butterfly. This was also the film where she met Peter Fu, one of the greatest stuntmen in Hong Kong. Peter played male lead in the film, and the two hit it off quite well, even though Peter was always accusing Far of always hamming it up too much. After the movie wrapped the two dated for awhile.

Both Far and Peter were quite wild in those days, and liked to live life on the edge. One evening they were invited by Smiling Charlie Man, a leader among the 14k Triad to a little party he was throwing on his private yacht in Victoria Harbor. As the party progressed, Smiling Charlie had his men bring out a huge circular mat. When laid out the Taijitu symbol was laid out over the deck. This was greeted by cheers by many of Smiling Charlies' guests. Far and Peter were intrigued by this. Soon a hulking Korean by the name of Kim Sun Lee came out on deck and took his place on the mat. The crowd roared at the sight of Kim Sun Lee. From the opposite side of the yacht came Song Zuang, a low level member of the 14k Triad. Zuang looked frightened out of his life.

“Today,” said Smiling Charlie Man to the crowd, “Song Zuang has transgressed against his family. However, the family, his brothers, are always forgiving. A test must be in order, a test that will show the Gods that Song Zuang is truly repentant. In this circle he shall face Kim Sun Lee.”

The crowd went wild. Bets were taken and Song Zuang was clearly the underdog. Even Far put a bet on Kim Sun Lee, but Peter demurred. Far chided him on this. However, the disagreement didn't last long because the fight started.

Like a tiger, Kim Sun Lee struck first with a flying side kick, which was amazing in itself because the Korean was so big. Song Zuang tried to dodge, but the kick clipped Song Zuang's shoulder sending him sprawling out of the circle into the waiting arms of the crowd. Without pause they threw Song Zuang back into the fight and the waiting Kim Sun Lee. Song Zuang was right in line for a punch straight to the face. He went down without a groan.

Again cheers went up, and money quickly changed hands. Far was quite pleased at how well she did. Smiling Charlie came and stood over the fallen Song Zuang, who was still unconscious and said, “The Gods turn a blind eye to you Song Zuang. The family rejects you. You have a day to get out of Hong Kong. Get him out of my sight.” With a flick of his hand Smiling Charlie motioned to his men to haul Song Zuang away.

“Not much of a fight,” said Far to Peter, but Smiling Charlie overheard her.

“So, you weren't entertained my dear.”

“Not really, poor Zuang didn't really have much of a chance.”

“Ah but that is all that life offers us my dear, chances. Song Zuang had his chance. His failure to succeed is what costs him most. Perhaps, you Peter Fu, would have more of a 'chance' against Kim Sun Lee?”

Far bridled a little at this. She knew her kung fu was better than that silly Jeet Kune Do that Peter subscribed to. Smiling Charlie should have asked her fight the Korean. She knew that she had a better 'chance' than Peter. However, before she could say anything Peter was handing her his jacket.

“Please hold this,” he said with a smile. Far was tempted to throw the jacket back in his face, but before she knew it, Peter was taking off his shirt. He certainly had a fine physique and Far kept her mouth shut. For some reason, Far mused, Jeet Kune Do practitioners liked to show of their chests. It was all Bruce Lee's fault.

With a spring in his step Peter jumped in the circle. However Kim Sun Lee was waiting for him. Letting out a wild yell Kim Sun Lee leaped into the air delivering a roundhouse kick, but Peter proved to be quick on the uptake, and got both arms up in a block, and while Peter slide backwards a few inches the kick lost a lot of its power. This also allowed Peter to follow up with an elbow strike to Kim Sun Lee's solar plexus that caused the Korean to let a loud whoosh as the air was forced out of his lungs. Kim Sun Lee rolled backwards in a ball, but with incredible grace was instantly back on his feet charging back at Peter. The crowd roared and more and more bets were made. With a sweeping kick, Kim Sun Lee took Peter's legs out from under him, and Peter fell hard down on the mat. A trickle of blood leaked from his nose as he hit the mat. A smile crossed Kim Sun Lee, first blood was his. Kim Sun Lee pounced. The Korean was in the process of delivering a front kick right down on a prone Peter when he reached up and grabbed Kim Sun Lee's foot preventing the Korean from delivering. With a twist, Kim Sun Lee was throw back into the crowd. However, this time the crowd parted and the Korean slammed back first into the railing and almost toppled over into the harbor. Kim Sun Lee was slow to regain his feet, while Peter waiting patently in the circle doing a little martial arts dance in anticipation. Sweat glistened on his skin making him practically glowing in the moonlight. Kim Sun Lee spat on the deck and with a roar charged. Peter was waiting for him. As soon as Kim Sun Lee came into the circle, Peter's knee came up slamming into the jaw of the Korean. Teeth shattered under the impact of Peter's knee strike. Without a sound Kim Sun Lee fell backwards out of the circle like a fallen tree. The crowd was stunned. No one thought that an actor like Peter Fu could so easily defeat a monster like Kim Sun Lee. However after a moment the crowd was cheering for Peter, everyone except Far, who had lost her bet. Handshakes and slaps on the back quickly followed. Far wanting to be the center of attention planted a passionate kiss on Peter as celebration of his winning, but inside Far seethed. She should have been the one to fight Kim Sun Lee.

After that night, Peter and Far grew apart. When Peter survived his incredible fall on the set Guns of the Plum King, Far tried to see him, but was politely and firmly told her mind her own business by the security guards at the door to his hospital room. That was the last time for a few years that Far heard anything about Peter Fu. Instead Far concentrated on her movie career, but that night on Smiling Charlie yacht ate at her. It should have been her. She had more style, more flair than Peter Fu. Far had to do something about it.

It was six months after Peter's disappearance that Far made an appearance at Smiling Charlie Man's yacht. This time no one knew her because she was wearing the golden mask from “The Golden Mask of Madame Ling.” Smiling Charlie greeted her cordially, but obviously wasn't happy to see her. The Immortals were said to have been seen in Hong Kong, and that could only be bad for business. Smiling Charlie feared that the mystery woman was one of the so-called Chinese super-heroes. However, when his guests were clamoring for 'entertainment', Smiling Charlie felt he had no choice.

When the first round of fighting started, Far jumped right in the middle of it. She performed Fang's Irresistible Kick against one breaking his leg in the process, and then turning in a whirlwind move performed Yumie's Powerful Punch on the other. The man fell backwards into the crowd spitting blood and teeth.

“There,” said Far, “I show you. I show you all, all it takes is a little style, a little flair.”

The crowd, and Smiling Charlie were outraged.

“I don't know who you are lady, but you've pissed of someone you'd rather not,” growled Smiling Charlie as he pulled out a handgun.
“Guns are for amateurs,” said Far as she leaped right in front of Smiling Charlie, “I prefer the flair of a flying fist and the style of deadly kick.”
Far grabbed a hold of Smiling Charlies' lapels of his jacket before he could even get his gun free. With a deft twist, Smiling Charlie was screaming through the air as Far performed Jun's Heavenly Throw. Smiling Charlie flew through the night sky of Victoria Harbor splashing down almost a mile away. Meanwhile other 14k Triad members swarmed Far. Blow upon blow rained down on her, but through it all Far kept to her feet thanks to the Ling's Iron Will maneuver. Far dished out crippling blows, and devastating kicks, and she felt that she was doing it all with the flair that she knew only she possessed. In the end none of the Triad members could stand up to her.

“Who are you?” asked the last conscious Triad through broken teeth.
“Oh who me,” said Far coyly, “you may call me Flair. You're little boys' club needs an airing out. I'm here to provide that. Oh stop looking at me like that. I'm not going to take over. That would be just too much work. Instead, I'm offering you boys a little something your probably familiar with, protection.”
“Protection, but you're just a woman,” said the Triad. This was the last thing he said before Far drop kicked him into the harbor.
A week later several members of the 14k Triad met with Flair and gave into her demands. Flair would act as a bodyguard for certain members of the triads and for this she would be paid handsomely, but make no mistake, Flair had style and her style was Seven Sisters of Shaolin style kung fu. Any Triad who got out of line would pay for it.
Far thinks she is the only martial artist who has any style, and is only too happy to point it out to any opponent. She's constantly pointing out to her foes their shortcomings, and mistakes. Most times, Far cannot resist taunting her foes. Usually her opponents find this disconcerting and thus give Far an edge against them. Of course there have been a few that find the taunting impossible to take and really blow their cork. Against foes obviously in a blood rage, Far will switch her tactics to a more defensive position and let her foe wear themselves out before providing the finishing maneuver.

Far makes no bones about it, but she doesn't like firearms. Those who use firearms against Far, usually get the worst end of the deal. Far has little mercy for those who pull guns on her. Far believes in the flair of flying fists and deadly kicks. Firearms are for the unenlightened and the desperate. Those who don't measure up to Far's standards are sure to get themselves hurt.

Like Peter Fu the Stuntman, Far has an actors need to show off. Her favorite way to show off is to beat the stuffing out of a hapless foe in such a way to demonstrate to the whole world what a great martial artist she is. Far doesn't go for simple punches or kicks. Her attacks always must have flair, grace, and usually end up with her foes spitting teeth.

Far also knows that she's very beautiful, and this is possibly the one of the reasons why she wears the golden mask as protection against blows to her beautiful face. However, even with the mask it's obvious to anyone who looks at her that Far is quite attractive. Far goes out of her way to remind everyone of this fact too.

"What you really need is a little style, a little flair."

Felicite is an accomplished martial artists, possibly the only one today who practices Seven Sisters of Shaolin style kung fu. The only others who really know the martial arts are her mother and her aunties. The style is quite flashy, involving wild punches and dead kicks. The style was developed by Felicite's mothers and aunties while performing in kung fu movies before the Chinese took over Hong Kong. In addition to the standard maneuvers that Felicite learned there were seven other special maneuvers that she has learned as well. Most of the special maneuvers are just more powerful versions of the Seven Sisters of Shaolin maneuvers, but a few of them border upon the surreal. Ling's Iron Will allows Felicite to ignore almost any physical blow, and often times she'll use this maneuver along with more standard maneuvers to devastating effect. One of the oddest maneuvers is her Min's Distracting Dance, which creates multiple images of Felicite, which most foes are unable to differentiate between the illusion of Felicite and the real one.
Felicite is extremely graceful and dexterous able to dodge not only bullets and arrows, but on occasion has even been able to dodge energy blasts. Naturally, Felicite is in tip top physical condition, on equal level to the most fit Olympic athlete. She practices her kung fu several hours a day, a tradition instilled in her by her mother and her aunties. Due to conditioning, Felicite is able to run and leap over long distances with ease. Felicite has also been known to run up walls as if they were vertical surfaces.

Felicite also wears a golden mask, which she took from the filming of “the Golden Mask of Madame Ling.” While wearing the mask, Felicite is protected from most flash attacks, and the mask also inhibits the use of mental powers against her.

Felicite is of Eurasian descent. Her mother is from Hong Kong, while her father is of French descendent from Seychelles. To most people who meet Felicite or Flair for that matter don't realize that she isn't fully Chinese. Only those few who speak to her in English would note a slight French accent. Felicite is a small woman with delicate features. She has long dark raven locks, which she usually has pulled back into a pony tail. Felicite doesn't wear a standard costume, but wears a variety of silk cheongsams that has a slit that runs up over her thigh. Felicite believes this gives her more maneuverability. It also gives a view of her incredible legs.

In addition to her daring dresses, Felicite wears a golden mask that covers the majority of her face. While wearing her mask, it is impossible to see what looks like, and so far even the Triads have been able to like Flair with the actress Lang Far.

#155 Seychelles

The republic of Seychelles is made up of over a hundred islands in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madigascar. Most consider Seychelles as a part of the African countries. However, for most of its history the Seychelles were uninhabited. The French were the first European power to take control of the islands, but eventually they lost control to the British Empire. Seychelles didn't gain independence from Britain until 1976.

The CIA World Factbook has the following information on Seychelles:

Official Name: Republic of Seychelles
Government: Republic
Capital: Victoria
Population: 87,476 (July 2009 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Mixed French, African, Indian, Chinese, and Arab
Major Languages: Creole 91.8%, English 4.9% (official), other 3.1%, unspecified 0.2%

And the dice speak....

Step One: Seychelles
Step Two: (1) Single Character
Step Three: (4.5) Female
Step Four: (5.5) Villain
Step Five: (9.4) Martial Artist
Step Six: (4.3) 350 Points (200 Base + 150 Disadvantages)
Step Seven: (1) 0 XP
Step Eight: (4) Modern Age

Sunday, September 27, 2009

#154 ATOMIK (Serbia)

Aleksandar Filipovic
Character Sheet (Click Here)

Chosen from the ranks of the Yugoslavian Army, Aleksandar Filipovic was subjected to horrendous experiments involving the fusing of a man with raw atomic energy. Somehow Filipovic survived the experiments, although his body was damaged beyond repair and his mind soon showed signs of deterioration as well. With their surprising success, the government offered the services of Atomik to both sides of the Cold War: the USSR and USA. Moscow won the very short bidding war and unleashed Atomik on the West. It was clear to all parties, except for Aleksandar Filipovic himself, that Atomik was only going to survive for a short but devastating time.

And so he was sent to Italy where he decimated many parts of Rome until he was pushed away by the forces of Sanctity. He then appeared in the USA, somehow arriving in Baltimore where he again caused widespread devastation. The incident would later be dubbed The Greenmount Event and resulted in Atomik's death high above the Bay. The day was November 4, 1971.

No body was recovered and it was assumed that he disintegrated. However, there have been rumours that the Americans did recover some parts of Atomik's body and have been using it in an attempt to recreate a similar 'agent' for their own uses. Rumours of this secret operation exist into the present day, and other rumours of similar projects in Russia also continue to circulate although there has been no confirmed sighting of Atomik or any other similar atomic-energy being in the modern age.

Nothing was really known about Aleksandar Filipovic apart from the fact he was a soldier before being experimented upon. Records suggest he was drafted and was a good soldier. There are no reprimands against him. Thos who knew him have said he was a good boy who loved his country and loved his family.

Atomik, however, was always a damaged man. He was mentally unstable and would often scream at opponents who were not there, or imagine a very different environment around him. His body was also irradiated beyond repair and it is possible he knew he was dying.


Atomik was composed of atomic energy and it killed him. His body gave off deadly radiation which made him a pariah even amongst his own people, but he was only ever considered a weapon. His employers, or owners, never considered him a man worthy of respect. As a weapon he was devastating. He could generate blasts unheard of during the 1970s. He could wither opponents with radiation sickness and create force fields and fly at incredible speeds. He was seemingly resistant to his own powers, at least in the short term, but it was the transformation which killed him.

Perhaps if he was offered more assistance Atomik may have survived longer, and more of his powers could have been studied and understood.

The Human Atom Bomb, Atomik was a blinding man of atomic energy when he used his powers. Even when his powers were restrained through force of will, he exuded deadly radiation which often manifested as a glowing corona around his body. He wore a simple red costume and kept his face visible. When he used his powers his eyes would glow white hot, and sometimes his hair would burst into a deadly flame.

#154 Serbia

Serbia was once a part of Yugoslavia and was instrumental in that country's disintegration in the early 1990s. Further back in history Serbian separatists were blamed for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo which led to the outbreak of World War I.

In more recent times there has been conflict within Serbia over the independence of Kosovo and Montenegro, and there is still unsettled frustrations within its borders - perfect fruit for an Uberworld character.

The CIA World Factbook has the following information on Serbia:

Official Name: Republic of Serbia
Government: Republic
Capital: Belgrade
Population: 7,379,339
Ethnic Groups: Serb 82.9%, Hungarian 3.9%, Romany (Gypsy) 1.4%, Yugoslavs 1.1%, Bosniaks 1.8%, Montenegrin 0.9%, other 8% (2002 census)
Major Languages: Serbian 88.3% (official), Hungarian 3.8%, Bosniak 1.8%, Romany (Gypsy) 1.1%, other 4.1%, unknown 0.9% (2002 census)
note: Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Croatian all official in Vojvodina

With over seven million people, Serbia should have an uberhuman population of around 7. There is a team of young uberhumans operating within Serbia known as The Serbian Six. The team were created by Milosevic's scientists and seek to return Serbia and the other former countries of Yugoslavia back into a united country - preferably under their control.

Step One: Serbia
Step Two: (2) Single Character
Step Three: (6.2) Male
Step Four: (4.4) Villain
Step Five: (4) Energy Projector (Edit: Cool, I can use my Ultimate Energy Blaster book!)
Step Six: (6.4) 600 Points (400 Base + 200 Disadvantages)
Step Seven: (4) 8XP
Step Eight: (6.3) Silver Age

Silver Age... that puts it around mid-1950s to early 1970s in the time of science. After the Second World War Yugoslavia was a communist state under Tito, but the country was able to have contact with the West as well as the Soviet bloc.

As a villain this guy may have been aligned with the Soviets, although the Uberworld Soviets didn't really like Ubers. Perhaps they managed to link a man with a nuclear missile or something so he wasn't an uberhuman, but rather a regular soldier used as an experiment. Sounds good enough to me, although I'd say this guy ultimately paid the price and didn't live a very happy life.

#153 NAVIGATEUR (Senegal)

Kene Gakou
Character Sheet (Click Here)

Kene Gakou was born in a garage and it seemed that she never really left the place. Her father and uncles were mechanics: experts called upon every couple of years for the international Dakar Rally. Kene's mother was nothing more than a shadow amidst the men of the family, and Kene grew up with her eyes firmly set to follow her father's trade.

Her family were poor and while the men were naturally gifted with engines, the work was seasonal at best. Kene grew up in poverty and found herself begging on the streets of Dakar alongside her mother and sisters. She hated the desperation she saw in herself and every day the self-hatred grew within her. She drifted away from her family, even from her father and the garage he shared with his extended family. She began to look at the world as a challenge, a hurdle put in front of her by God. She looked for the solution, the loop-hole, the hiccup in the engine of her life.

On afternoon she stumbled across a drunk Westerner in an alley. His wallet lay tantilisingly across his rising chest, and Kene's instinct was to grab it and run. As she stood there she found herself watched by a third figure who was clothed in shadow. Without knowing she was being watched, Kene ignored the wallet - against her better judgement - and tapped the prone man with her foot, trying to raise him from his slumber. He stirred, but remained blissfully asleep. Again the temptation rose within her, but instead she knelt beside the man and slipped the wallet securely under his waistband, out of view. She knew it would do little to stop the hardened thieves of the streets if they stumbled across him, but she knew it was a better chance than leaving it out in clear view.

She cursed the man and then turned away.

In her way was a handsome man in a finely cut suit. He smiled at her and although she trembled she took his hand and allowed him to lead her into a building. There was some imperious magic in his stare. Kene felt her life was about to end.

Instead it was about to begin.

The man was Akello Lwanga, the Witch Doctor of Azambia. And he had come to Senegal to recruit a local to stir the pot of African politics. He greeted Kene like a princess, leading her into one of his temporary residences amidst splendour and excess.

Kene wasn't a fool, so when she was rescued by the Witch Doctor she knew there would be a price. And, of course she recognised him. He initially regaled her with gifts and compliments but when it was clear she would not believe his story that she was a 'chosen one', the Witch Doctor told her of his plan to infiltrate the Dakar Rally and cause extreme mayhem in the name of the Sons of Set, so that his cadre of militants, The Hunt, could storm in and bring about calm again - in front of the world's media. Kene was to be the pawn who would bring about the downfall of the Race that her father had given his whole life to. The Witch Doctor thought it would be poetic justice. Kene wasn't interested in poetry or justice. The money she was being offered was enough for her to agree. It was more than she could expect in a lifetime.

When the time came to execute the attack on the Rally, Kene found herself decked out in a battlesuit designed by the Witch Doctor but engraved with serpents to draw attention to the Sons of Set. Kene was impressed with the power it gave her, and revelled in the freedom of flight. In the days preceding the attack she was trained in all facets of the power suit - and she proved herself to be an adept student.

The Dakar Rally began as normal, but five hours into the race Kene attacked the front runners. She detonated a series of mines which blew apart vehicles and support convoys, and then flew in to strike at the media and the vehicles which remained.

Within an hour The Hunt arrived. They had not wanted to look eager, and they had time as the Witch Doctor had distracted Africa Force long enough in Azambia where he had called peace talks. While Africa Force were suspicious they were also too far away to be of any assistance. The Hunt proved to be very effective and seemingly destroyed Kene and a series of drones which appeared to be aiding her. The Savage Lion addressed the media and condemned what was happening in Egypt. The news was dominated by reports on the Sons of Set, although a flood of counter-stories soon appeared denouncing the 'cult' as a myth and a set-up by the Witch Doctor.

Whatever the result, Kene walked away unharmed. She reappeared before the Witch Doctor a month later and handed in her battlesuit in exchange for the second half of her pay. In addition to the money, the Witch Doctor opened a contract with her as an on-call mercenary. Her natural ability with the battlesuit and affinity for motorcycles was noticed by the monarch and he agreed to outfit her to continue her work as the Navigateur. Since the initial contract Kene has become a semi-regular mercenary across Africa and Europe. She specialises in custom-made motorcycles with an array of weaponry depending on the assignment. She has also worked for the Witch Doctor regularly, although not as part of The Hunt.

The Navigateur is a professional mercenary and accepts or rejects assignments depending on her own set of guidelines, which tend to change from year to year. Most times she only accepts work that pays well and provides little in the way of threat from uberhumans. She does not enjoy uberhuman entanglements, especially Africa Force. However, she has proven herself an elusive opponent for the African superheroes on more than one occasion.

Her life of poverty is long behind her and Kene enjoys a modest life where she wants for nothing but does not indulge herself in excess. She follows Islam, perhaps more now that she has abandoned her blood-family. She believes that she has been assisted by the Prophet in her new life, although she is never vocal about that belief.

Her relationship with the Witch Doctor is professional, but she respects him more now than she respected her own father. She sees him as her saviour, in physical form, even as the Prophet is her spiritual saviour.

While she enjoys her work as the Navigateur, Kene now allows herself other pursuits, including motorcross riding. She has a garage full of modified vehicles and uses them in her work as well as play.

"I am a faultless instrument. It is what I am paid for."

The Navigateur employs a modified battlesuit along the lines of the Witch Doctor's own, although it lacks much of the master's firepower. The suit enables its wearer to fly, provides protective from energy and physical attacks, possesses enhanced sensor arrays and a personal force field generator. The gauntlets of the suit are capable of emitting a concussive force blast, capable of punching through concrete. The suit also allows the wearer to breathe indefinitely and survive in a host of hostile environments.

However, the Navigateur is not a standard 'power suit' adversary. She is a skilled mechanic, and with the assistance of Azambia she has modified a fleet of motorcycles, each capable of being adapted to specific conditions and employing their own offensive and defensive capabilities.

In her battlesuit, Navigateur looks like a sleek silver knight. Her torso is covered in horizontal plates and beneath the shock-resistant plates is a microweave black bodysuit. The entire suit can be sealed and also has a force field generator, which, when applied, emits a soft golden aura around her body. While the Witch Doctor's armour is capped off with an extraordinary headdress, the Navigateur's helmet is sleek and almost serpent-like. Her original assignment was to pose as a Sons of Set terrorist, and while the serpent motifs have been mostly removed, the helmet remains something of a signature.

Out of her suit, Kene Gakou is a woman in her thirties. She has shoulder-length braided black hair and impressive eyebrows which have the ability to darken her face when angry, or lighten it when amused. Kene has used her money to build a good life for herself, and she always dresses well, careful to remain modest and not draw attention to herself.

#153 Senegal

Home to the Dakar Rally until recently when it was transferred to South America because of threats from terrorists, including Al Quaeda associates, Senegal is known for its long history of participating in international peace keeping. So it's fitting that the country should have an active uberhuman population. However, Uberworld's main African superhero team, Africa Force doesn't have a base in Senegal, and Senegal isn't even one of the accord countries. Blame that on me for being ignorant, but we can use it to our advantage. Let's say Senegal offers an alternative to Africa Force, not enemies but more like professional rivals.

Let's look at the CIA World Factbook entry for Senegal:

Official Name: Republic of Senegal
Government: Republic
Capital: Dakar
Population: 13,711,597 (July 2009 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Wolof 43.3%, Pular 23.8%, Serer 14.7%, Jola 3.7%, Mandinka 3%, Soninke 1.1%, European and Lebanese 1%, other 9.4%
Major Languages: French (official), Wolof, Pulaar, Jola, Mandinka

Let's put the dice to work and see what we can do for Senegal.

Step One: Senegal
Step Two: (1) Single Character
Step Three: (1.4) Female
Step Four: (3.6) Villain
Step Five: (8) Gadgeteer
Step Six: (5.4) 350 Points (200 Base + 150 Disadvantages)
Step Seven: (5) 15XP
Step Eight: (3) Modern Age

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#152 Hyena-Hybrid Form (Saudi Arabia)

Hazim bin Hazim

Eighth centuries Arabia had changed dramatically in the two centuries since Mohammed brought the word of Allah to the faithful. Like a sandstorm Islam spread from Arabia to Africa, east to India, and even as far as Europe. It was a Golden Age in the Middle East. Pilgrim from far and wide came to Mecca to perform the Hadj and to pray at the Mosque of the Prophet.
Enter Hazim bin Hazim, a man with vision. Hazim's vision was one in which he was the wealthiest men in all of Arabia. How was Hazim bin Hazim going to accomplish his vision? He was going to rob every pilgrim he could find. However, Hazim bin Hazim was a fair bandit, as bandits go. He would offer his victims a choice. Either they make him laugh or Hazim bin Hazim would feed them to his pet hyena.
Once during the height of the Hadj, Hazim bin Hazim ambushed a group of pilgrims. After the dust had settled Hazim bin Hazim was sitting down counting his loot when one of his victims proved to be more alive than Hazim bin Hazim thought he would be. Hazim bin Hazim being disappointed in his take though he would have a little sport with his victim.
“Not dead are you?” Hazim bin Hazim asked while giving the man a few choice kicks.
“I'll tell you what,” said Hazim bin Hazim “you make me laugh, and I'll let you live. Fail and I'll feed you to my hyena.”
The man looked up at Hazim bin Hazim with a bloodied face and spit out some sand.
“You are truly a wicked man Hazim bin Hazim. I won't humor you monster. Allah turns his face from you. I curse you and your sons. May every ninth generation of your sons become unto the hyena, which you relate more to than you fellow Muslim.”
“You know,” said Hazim bin Hazim, “that wasn't very funny. Not funny at all.”
With a whistle Hazim bin Hazim summoned his pet hyena. Hazim bin Hazim never again thought about the man or his words to his dying day. However, these words were to haunt his descendants ever since.
Hazim bin Hazim was the first descendant of Hazim bin Hazim the bandit. He changed one night into a ravening beast. Hazim bin Hazim was a clerk in the court of the caliph in Baghdad. He was to kill six people before he was hunted down by the caliph's soldiers. His family fled into the night. Thus did the curse on the sons of Hazim bin Hazim continue on down through the generations.
Enter the current Hazim bin Hazim; for all the sons of Hazim bin Hazim who were cursed were named thus. However, this Hazim bin Hazim was different then most of the Hazim bin Hazims. This Hazim bin Hazim actually had a sense of humor. Hazim bin Hazim actually got the meaning of the family curse and because of his understanding has given Hazim bin Hazim some control over his transformation. It also help that Hazim bin Hazim is a stand up comedian.
Hazim bin Hazim was doing his act at a coffeehouse in Riyadh when he noticed a strange man sitting in the front row. This guy looked like a tough nut to crack, because the guy, who was pretty spooky looking with his eye patch and all, just sat there staring at Hazim bin Hazim. Hazim bin Hazim tried all night to get the man to laugh to even crack a smile, and nothing worked.
After his set Hazim bin Hazim went outside for a smoke. Naturally the strange man followed him.
"Hazim bin Hazim," said the man.
"Yeah that's me."
"I am Colonel Faisal ibn Abdullah Al Saud."
"So, do you want my autograph."
"Uh, no. I want you."
"Okay what is the joke buddy."
"No joke, Hazim bin Hazim, I never joke. The kingdom needs your unique abilities. I know all about you and your problem. I am head of a secret organization called the Directorate. You will be joining the Directorate."
"This must be a joke, but it might be good for a laugh. So I am your man, or maybe I am your hyena."
Hazim bin Hazim has always been a comedian. He's always telling jokes or just plain laughing regardless of whether he's in his hybrid or human form. To Hazim bin Hazim life is a joke, and he's the only one who gets the punchline. He is never serious, and of course this often times gets on the nerves of Colonel Saud. Of course being a wiseguy, Hazim bin Hazim goes out of his way to try and get the stodgy to laugh.
"No, no stop me if you've heard this one before."
Hazim bin Hazim is a lycanthrope, but his is different the the run of the mill lycanthrope, Hazim bin Hazim is cursed to become a monstrous werehyena. Being a cursed person, Hazim bin Hazim cannot pass the curse onto others like a typical lycanthrope.
As a werehyena, Hazim bin Hazim can assume three different distinct forms. His human form is probably the weakest of the three, but in all three forms Hazim bin Hazim maintains a certain resilience that could only be considered supernatural. Blows that don't come from silver weapons heal super-humanly fast, and energy attacks that aren't fire based heal just as quickly.
It is when Hazim bin Hazim is in his hybrid form that he is the most dangerous. As a hybrid, Hazim becomes super-humanly strong and quick. His fingers end with super sharp claws, and his teeth become just like those of the animal he becomes. Also in this form, Hazim bin Hazim can run and jump like an Olympic athlete. His sense of smell becomes quite acute when in his hybrid form. Hazim bin Hazim's other senses become more than human as well.
In his purely hyena form, Hazim bin Hazim still has a powerful bite, and retains the senses that he shares with his hybrid form.
In his human form, Hazim bin Hazim is a dark skinned Arab with mousy brown hair. Hazim bin Hazim is fairly hairy fellow, and always has a mustache and a light beard. When expecting action, Hazim bin Hazim typically wears just a pair of green shorts with a white border on the sides. This is because his transformations has a tendency of destroying his clothes. There is a small birthmark on his right hand shaped like a star. Only those who're born with the curse have this birthmark in Hazim bin Hazim's family.
In his hyena form, Hazim bin Hazim becomes an unusually large spotted hyena. He's constantly cackling when in this form.
In his hybrid form, Hazim bin Hazim combines the traits of hyena and human. Hazim bin Hazim grows a little taller and puts on more weight. His body becomes covered with fur just like a spotted hyena. The only clothing that his hybrid form wears are the green shorts. In his hybrid form, Hazim bin Hazim always a wide smile that displays his rows of super sharp teeth.

#152 Directorate Agents (Saudi Arabia)



Directorate agents are some of the best that Saudi Arabia can produce. Each agent is hand selected by Colonel Saud for membership in the Directorate. Agents come from a variety of backgrounds, but usually military, or even from the commission for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vices. Each realizes that they could be killed almost any day, especially since they're dealing with uberhumans. It is a prospect that most would quell against. The men of the Directorate are cut from a different clothe.
The one thing that almost of the Directorate agents share is a supreme loyalty to Colonel Saud. They believe in what he is doing for the kingdom, and support their commander completely.
"We serve the kingdom with honor."
The Directorate agents wear the latest high tech armor and armament that the kingdom can afford. The standard equipment included high tech body armor that protects the wearer from almost any attack. Each agent is also assigned a pair of goggles that helps against flash attacks. Those agents who've worked with Al-Nil treasure their goggles. The agents also carry a radio mic that is hidden in their goggles that allows them to communicate with one another. Each agent is always armed with a combat knife. In addition to this each carries a unique fire arm. These weapons range from an assault rifle that fires multiple bursts to the more traditional blaster. Directorate agents also are known to carry more exotic weapons like the needle rifle that fires needles at super-sonic speeds, to the net gun that fire thousands upon thousands of polymer strands that instantly harden around a foe entrapping them. All Directorate agents have some training in hand-to-hand combat thanks to Colonel Saud.
Directorate agents are powerfully built individuals as normals go. Each was selected not only for their intelligence, but for their build as well. Agents wear the standard Directorate body armor which is a light green. The armor covers the entire body except for the hand, feet, and head. Their gloves and boots are a matching green. Over their chest each agent wears a white harness and the belt of their armor is white as well. Directorate agents wear a light green beret denoting their membership in the Directorate. At their waist they keep their combat knife. Their eyes are hidden behind a pair of goggles that matches the color of their uniform.

#152 Colonel Saud (Saudi Arabia)

Colonel Faisal ibn Abdullah Al Saud

Things are always unstable in the Middle East. This was a lesson that Faisal al-Saud knew and lived for, because without a little instability, life would be too boring for the third son of the second wife of the Abdullah crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The year was 1985, and war raged over the kingdom to the north. On one side lay the Republic of Iraq ran by the Butcher of Bagdad a militarist if there ever was one. Further to the east lay the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country rife with turmoil since the Shah of Iran was ousted and replaced by the moralist Khomeini. The war between the two countries had been raging on for several years now, and Faisal’s uncle King Fahd grew worried that maybe his two northern neighbors argument might expanded into the kingdom, especially after the reports that Saddam Hussain was using nerve gas in his war against Iran. For King Fahd, there could be no man better to get information than Faisal ibn Abdullah Al Saud.
About six years ago, Faisal along with his father had made a state visit to the United States. It was also at the time that Faisal started his training with the Central Intelligence Agency. Faisal proved to be a natural spy. Upon his return to the kingdom, he was immediately put work divining the intentions of Saddam Hussien.
The night was silent, as was Faisal, as he swam closer to the chemical factory that lay alongside the River Tigris. His head popped briefly out of the water as he scanned the surrounding area. On one side lay his target, the chemical factory and to the other the huge freighter flying the flag of Singapore. Like a shadow, Faisal left the water and was quickly up against the outside wall of the factory. With a small mirror, Faisal was able to peer around the corner of the building. He could barely make out two heavily armed Republican Guards patrolling.
Odd he thought to have such elite Iraq troops guarding this factory. Pocketing the mirror Faisal scanned the walls for possible handholds. While with the CIA, Faisal had trained under a little Gurkha who knew more about climbing that anyone Faisal had ever known. To most the wall was just a wall, but for Faisal it looked like an inviting highway. In no time at all the Arab topped the wall, and none too soon because the guards had just turned the corner. They were being sloppy though, one of them was even smoking a cigarette.
The roof of the building was dominated with television antennas and someone’s laundry. It was hard going in the moonless night across the minefield that was the roof. However, soon the target was in sight, the roof access hatch. The lock on the hatch looked simple enough, but after a brief inspection, Faisal could see that it was attached to a fairly sophisticated alarm system. Nothing that Faisal couldn’t handle. No spy of his caliber would back down from this type of challenge. Five minutes later, Faisal was in and no one the wiser.
Moving using the map of the factory that Faisal had committed to memory he crept further inside. He was moving along a catwalk when he heard the voices below. An Iraqi along with two Republican Guards at his side casually walked into the light below. Faisal recognized Ali Hassan al-Majid, known to the Arab world as Chemical Ali. The man was smoking a cigar the size of a baby’s arm. Ali paused and turned as another man came into the light. This man was obliviously wasn’t an Arab, probably a European from the way he walked.
Blowing out a smoke ring, Ali said something in English. “So, doctor, the people of the Republic of Iraq thank you for providing with this so excellent VX gas. We shall surely use it on those hapless Persians. Victory is to be certain, and it is all thanks to you.”
“No need to praise me so high,” said the mystery man, yes definitely an European, a German from his accent, “the gold your president is paying is reward enough.”
“Ah yes,” said Ali as he drew on his cigar making the tip look like a third glowing eye, “a handsome price indeed.”
The German frowned at this. Could the Iraqi be insinuating that they might have paid too much for this VX gas? Ali seemed to not notice the change in the German, or chose to ignore it for he just kept on smoking.
“Yet,” Ali drawled on, “you say that you have something for us that is even better than the VX gas. Hm. I am sure that my cousin Saddam might be interested; I am one of his closest advisers after all.”
“Yes,” said the German, “I call this formula the Möbius Syrum. I reformulated a serum designed by the one of the greatest scientific geniuses of Nazi Germany. My Möbius Syrum will grant whomever I inject it with with a healing factor far superior to any mere human. Just think of the possibilities, a soldier could fight much longer in the battlefield; outlasting any opponent.”
“Indeed,” said Ali, “that would be most useful. How would your formula work against chemical and biological attacks? My dear cousin has expressed an interest that his Republican Guard acquire this ability as well.”
“Excellent,” exclaimed the German, “I can see that I came to the right people for this. Obviously President Hussein read the literature I sent about the Möbius Syrum.”
“Yes, yes,” said Ali trying to calm his excited guest, “but, President Hussein isn't completely convinced that your drug will do as advertised. A test must be in order. Are you prepared doctor?”
The German crossed his armed and frowned. It didn't look like he liked Ali's implication that his miracle drug wasn't so miraculous.
“I am German after all Herr al-Majid. We are nothing, if not prepared.”
“That is what I like to hear,” said Ali as he clapped the German on the back, a huge smile behind his cigar.
“Right this way. I have a subject waiting patiently for your test.”
They couldn't get away, Faisal needed to hear more. This was starting to become a little more important than whether the Iraqis were going to bring war to the kingdom. This sounded like Saddam was trying to create an army of invincible soldiers. The Arab world couldn't survive this.”
Faisal had barely took a dozen steps from his spot, before the shoddy Iraqi building codes brought him low. It started out as a low moan, but quickly turned into a metallic shriek as the catwalk gave way, plunging Faisal three stories down to the concrete floor. Faisal barely heard Ali as the Iraqi stood over his brutalized body.
“So, I guess we have someone else who is in even more of a rush to meet Allah. Bring him.”
Consciousness came back slowly for Faisal. For some reason he couldn't see out of his right eye, but that seemed to be of little importance. Pain racked his entire body from head to toe; he must have broken every bone in his body from that fall. When his head swam a little less, Faisal could see that he was stretched out on a table. Chains attached to his arms and his legs had him spread out.
The smell of a cigar had Faisal turning to look at Ali.
“So our little bird is awake. I'm joyous. I'd hate for you to miss this. No, no, don't try to speak. That would ruin the drama. Doctor if you'd please.”
Faisal tried to look towards the German, but couldn't see him with his ruined eye.
“This will only hurt a little bit,” the German said softly.
There was a stabbing sensation at the base of Faisal's neck as the needle was injected into him, then the burning sensation started. Like a wildfire the Möbius Syrum raced through Faisal's blood. The pain was intense.
“You can cry if you like,” whispered Ali right next to his ear and then proceeded to blow smoke in Faisal's face.
The Iraqi then straightened up.
“Enough of this. Doctor you said that your formula would protect a soldier against the effects of the VX gas. Well now that we have our lab rat, I want to try it out. Everyone out. You there, bring in that vial of VX gas. We shall see. So doctor, if he lives, I'm sure a bonus is in the offing, and if he doesn't, well you better be right with Allah.”
Just before a metal door was slammed shut, Faisal could hear the sound of glass shattering as the vial of VX gas hit the floor. Instantly Faisal's lungs started to burn, but just as quickly the pain stopped. In fact a lot of his pains were going away, and strength was quickly returning. However, Faisal was no fool. He pretended to be dead. It was almost an hour later before Ali, the Doctor, and Ali's goons came back into the room.
“Doctor, doctor,” tsk'd the Iraqi, “it was a really nice try. You almost had me fooled. You take out the good doctor, and shot him. My cousin doesn't like to be duped by a conman. As for this offal, dump it into the river.”
“But, but,” stammered the German, “It works I tell you. It works!!!”
However, Ali didn't seem to hear him as his Republican Guardsmen dragged the screaming German away. He was more interested in the smoking of his cigar. As for Faisal, a burly soldier hoisted him over his shoulder and unceremoniously dumped him into the River Tigris. After that it was a simple matter for Faisal to make his way back to Saudi Arabia.
For his efforts in discovering, and ultimately preventing Saddam from creating an army of super-soldiers, King Fahd promoted Faisal to colonel. It was Faisal who convinced his uncle to let him form the Directorate, because Faisal knew in his heart of hearts that mad men like Hussein and Khomeini that the kingdom would never be safe it weren't for protection that only those with a touch from Allah could provide, and Colonel Saud would be there to keep an eye on things for the good of the country.
There is no lengths that Faisal wouldn't do for his country. His loyalty first and foremost is to Saudi Arabia and really to the king who sits on the throne. Faisal sees himself as a caretaker of the kingdom, and any threat to the kingdom is a threat that Faisal will deal with in any fashion that resolves the threat. Faisal does not see himself as a hero, and while some of his acts may be misconstrued as heroism, he would never see himself in that way. Naturally those without Faisal's agenda have accused him and his Directorate of using excessive force, and even torture to get confessions out of prisoners. To this Faisal remains closed mouth.
One of the things that the outside media don't like about Faisal is that he is such a grim figure. Faisal takes the business of being in charge of the Directorate very seriously. For Faisal, there is nothing funny about keeping the kingdom from threats internal and external. Faisal has little time for humor. He thanks Allah everyday that the media in Saudi Arabia is state controlled.
Faisal does have a warm spot in his heart for the common people of Saudi Arabia. It is for them that he has sacrificed so much of his time and energy to safeguard. Faisal seems himself as another of the guardian forces in the kingdom keeping the public safe.
"I am no hero. What I do, I do for the kingdom. Imshallah!"
Faisal is a well trained intelligence agent, trained by the Central Intelligence Agency. His a master at surveillance, infiltration, and stealth. Faisal sees himself as one of the guardians of the kingdom, something he can take pride in. His training also includes an extensive understanding of hand-to-hand combat.
Faisal has no real uberhuman powers. However, the Möbius Syrum has augmented his physique to such a degree that he's now as fast, as strong, and has the endurance of a top Olympic athlete. Another effect of the Möbius Syrum is that he's completely immune to almost any poison, drug, chemical, or disease in the known world. This includes nerve agents like VX gas. Faisal, however, is unaware that the formula also has extended his life to a unknown level. Lastly the Möbius Syrum has provided Faisal with a healing factor. His healing factor allows Faisal to heal faster than a normal person could. Faisal can be killed, but it would take a lot of damage to do him in.
As a member of the Directorate, Faisal wears a suit of green body armor that protects him from most attacks. Unlike other members of the Directorate, Faisal wields a weapon that he had designed uniquely for himself. He calls the gun his Serpentine Pistol. The gun is filled with thousands upon thousands of needles. By flipping a switch on the side of the pistol allows Faisal to fire explosive type needles, to a more traditional paralyzing needle into a foe.
Faisal is a powerful built Arab with a strong jaw. He keeps his jet black hair fairly short, and his one vanity seems to be an equally short goatee. A long scar runs from his scalp down to his lower jaw. Faisal got the scar when he fell to the floor in Baghdad, and lost the use of his eye. Oddly enough the Möbius Syrum never regenerated the damage to Faisal's eye. Over his missing eye, Faisal wears an eye patch that matches his body armor. As Colonel Saud, Faisal wears a suit of light green body armor that covers his entire body, except for his head. In addition to his body armor, Faisal wears a white harness over his chest. Also his belt is white. His Serpentine Pistol looks like any other pistol, except for a white coiled cobra in mother of pearl on the grips on both sides of the pistol.

#152 Du'ad (Saudi Arabia)


Du'ad bin Gamal

Character Sheet (Click Here)

Du'ad bin Gamal has always lived his life in the Rub'al Khali, a true Bedouin. He has never felt comfortable in any city prefering the company of his fellow Beni Gazi deep in the Rub'a Khali. Du'ad was the eldest of the Beni Gazi in the ecampment the day strange men showed up and attacked the Beni Gazi. He was sleeping at the time, as he was wont to do. Du'ad woke up long enough to get a sword in the gut and left for dead. The other Beni Gazi weren't so lucky. Du'ad would've died if young Khalid bin Ghanim hadn't showed up and saved his life.

Khalid then took off after the attackers, later to return to Du'ad changed in a thousand ways. The boy told him of what he encountered beneath the sands of Iram of the Thousand Pillars and what had happened to him. Du'ad counciled the boy as well as he could. Afterwards, the two started off again like the Bedouins they were, unfortunately they were the last two of the Beni Gazi tribe.

Du'ad is an old, old man. His quite knowledgable about the Rub'al Khali and the people who live there. Being old Du'ad often times likes to tell stories to anyone who'll listen to him.

"Only the strong survive the Rub'al Khali."

The only powers that Du'ad bin Gamal has is a sharp mind and a treasure trove of knowledge about the desert. Other than that he is an old old man. Du'ad has never driven a vehicle in his life, but he's pretty good riding on a camel.

Du'ad is an old man with a long flowing white beard. What hair he had growing on his head has fallen out long ago. He wears simple brown Bedouin robes, held together with a green sash. On his feet he wears a pair of well worn sandals.
Khalid Bin Ghanim

The winds were picking up and the sands were starting to fly. Grit blew into Khalid's eyes forcing the Bedouin to pull his scarf tighter around his head; not that the scarf did much good. Soon a sand storm would rage over the Empty Quarter and Khalid's quarry would get away. Khalid couldn't allow it.
Two days ago a band of strangely garbed men had attacked the Beni Gazi encampment. They were merciless, killing all they came across with oddly shaped swords. The Beni Gazi didn't stand a chance. Khalid was one of the lucky ones. He wasn't in the camp that day; he had been out hunting gazelle. It was the smoke that cued Khalid in that something was wrong.
The only person left alive in the encampment was old Du'ad, a man so old that he had slept through most of the attack. Khalid didn't know how the attackers had missed him. Khalid found Du'ad stretched out behind a tent that was on fire. While throwing sand on the fire Du'ad told Khalid about the attack. It made no sens to Khalid. The Ben Gazi were Bedouins; they didn't own anything worth killing for. That had been two days ago.
Bow in hand Khalid stalked the men. He prayed to Allah that the sandstorm would hold off long enough for him to get revenge for the Beni Gazi. Why the attackers had traveled to Iram the City of Pillars was a mystery to Khalid. The place was a ruin, and had been one for centuries.
Through the swirling sands Khalid saw one of the attackers. Here was his chance. Swiftly as he could, Khalid stalked closer and closer. This was going to be a one in a million shot. Khalid drew back his bow, an arrow knocked against his right ear. That was when the earth fell out beneath him. A sink hole opened up beneath Khalid like the maw of a ravenous mouth.
Khalid didn't know how long he laid there in the dark. It started out as a sneeze that quickly turned into a scream of pain. Khalid had dislocated his shoulder. He struggled to his feet fighting back the pain. It took awhile for Khalid's eyes to adjust to the darkness. When he did, Khalid thought he could see a light in the distance. Staggering and stumbling towards the light, Khalid kept going.
Soon the light became brighter and brighter. It was the smell of water that came as a great surprise to Khalid. Looking around, Khalid saw that he was in an enormous circular room. Pillars rose from the floor to disappear in the gloom near the ceiling. A large pool of water that seemed to glow from within illuminated the chamber.
As Khalid drew closer to the pool he could see strange pictographs carved into the pools. It was the weirdest thing that Khalid had ever seen before. The pictographs told the history of the city from its founding by little green men to the raising of thousand upon thousand of pillars. Khalid thought that the little green men used them as houses of some form or another. None of it made sense to Khalid. As he drew closer to the pool he saw the progression of the city all the way up to its downfall.
A great darkness came from the southwest. The little green men didn't understand the threat until it was too late. Darkness, horror, annihilation came in their turns to the city of a thousand pillars. The last part of the pictograph was a blank right next to the pool. Khalid was sore, and his thirst raged like a jinn. Khalid flopped down next to the pool and with a trembling hand reached down and scooped up a handful of the water.
It was cool and refreshing. Khalid dipping his hand and drank more. As he hand there came a humming sound that seemed to grow louder and louder. Soon he could hear words. It sounded like the call of the muezzin or the call for daily prayer. For some reason Khalid knew that the call came from Mecca, which didn't make much sense either because Mecca was thousand upon thousand of miles from where he was.
Turning towards Mecca, Khalid was further surprised. His body lifted from the ground and he floated. Khalid was so surprised that he instantly dropped down onto the ground, and kept going. Passing through rock like a ghost Khalid panicked. Then in another instant he was solid again, but felt no pressure from the surrounding earth. In fact Khalid felt incredibly strong. With powerful arms, Khalid dug his way back to the chamber. Oddly enough he no longer ached.
In fact Khalid felt powerful, probably the first time in his short life that he felt this way. Khalid wanted to try flying again, and like a hawk found himself soaring around the chamber going faster and faster. Screaming with wild abandon, Khalid passed through the rock up and up until once again he was under the sky flying over the ruins of Iram.
It didn't take long for Khalid to find the men. Their voices, later Khalid was about to find out that it was their minds, spoke loudly to Khalid. They proclaimed that they were the Sons of Set, and they had attacked the Beni Gazi because of a rumor that they held a key to a chamber in Iram. Supposedly in Iram a great power lay, and these Sons of Set wanted to lay that power at the feet of the mistress, Nepthys. All of this Khalid gleamed in moments. Tears welled up in his eyes. These murderers would pay. Like a mountain falling upon them, Khalid fell upon the Sons of Set. None of them ever left Iram.
Since gaining his strange powers from the waters, Khalid has acted as a guardian for the kingdom against the Sons of Set. While not yet eighteen years old, his reputation as a force of good in Saudi Arabia has brought him to the attention of Colonel Saud. Seeing a good thing for what it was, Colonel Saud insisted that Khalid, whom is known all over Saudi Arabia as Bedouin, be included in the Directorate. While Khalid does help the Directorate, he's still something of a mystery to them.
Khalid has always been a boy with a keen sense of adventure. He is constantly exploring the Arabian Peninsula, mostly for threats from the Sons of Set, but also just for the sheer joy exploring brings to him. The few members of his tribe respect this in Khalid, but at times wish he'd settle down more. There are a few who wouldn't mind if Khalid became the next shaikh of the Beni Gazi.
Because his powers seem to set him on a different level than most people, Khalid likes to maintain an air of mystery about him. With his ability to change his shape, become immaterial, or even become completely invisible it would be very difficult for anyone to find out his identity, and Khalid would rather keep it that way. Even his own tribe has no inkling that he is the super hero known as the Bedouin.
"I am the Guardian of the Rub' al Khali."
The alien waters that Khalid drunk has given him complete control over his molecular makeup. With a mere thought Khalid can harden his flesh to an unknown degree. This increase in mass cause a proportional increase in strength. At his greatest density Khalid becomes super-humanly strong, as well as super-humanly heavy. Conversely, Khalid can reduce his density to such a degree that he become practically immaterial. Anyone attacking Khalid will find that their attacks pass through him as if he were a ghost. Not only is Khalid able to alter his density, but the very shape of his body. Khalid can assume almost any shape that he can think of. Lastly Khalid can make his own flesh transparent. When in such a state, it is almost impossible to see him.
Besides granting control over his molecules, it has also granted Khalid vast mental abilities. His mental powers not only effect humans, but aliens as well. Khalid can sense a single mind within the entirety of the world. Once Khalid senses a mind he can either contact it and form a bond sharing information and commication with the other mind, or Khalid can shut an opponents mind down completely. Furthermore, Khalid is telepathic, and can use his mental powers to read anothers memories. Naturally, being a powerful psychic, Khalid is resistant to most mental powers.
The waters have transformed Khalid in other ways as well. He no longer feels the effects of severe heat or cold, no is uncomfortable at the deepest depths or the coldness of space. While Khalid does breath, he doesn't have to. Lastly, Khalid can harness his mental powers and can fly.
Khalid is a young Arab, with finely chiseled features. Even though he isn't even eighteen years old yet, he doesn't even shave. Khalid has curly black hair and dark brown eyes. He isn't very muscular; a little on the lean side, like most desert dwellers. As the Bedouin, Khalid wears a pair of loose fitting trousers, a similar fitting shirt, along with a sash. All of these are a dark green color. Over his clothes, Khalid wears a hooded cloak, which Khalid always leaves up casting his face in shadow. Naturally, with all of his powers, Khalid can always change his appearance enough

#152 Azim (Saudi Arabia)

Zenada bin Mohammed

Zenada was always a big guy from a long line of dock workers in port city of Jeddah. He was just sitting down to his lunch when the attacked happened. Zenada was biting into a falafel when a nearby ship exploded into flames. He was thrown from his bench landing on his rump. Zenada was so surprised that he barely had time to react before a sandstorm blew in from the desert turning the day to night. In all his years of working on the docks, nothing like this had ever happened before. Zenada had barely gotten to his feet before he heard the nearby crane collapsing; right on top of him.
Zenada barely got an arm up before several tons of steel came crashing down on him. He should have died then and there, and certainly the world went to gray and then to black. It was the sound of gunfire that brought Zenada back to consciousness. Groggily, Zenada brushed aside the girders and then unsteadily got to his feet. His clothes were torn to shreds. A man wearing a suit of strange armor came running onto the docks paused for a second before unloading an auto pistol towards a man with flaming wings who was flying towards Zenada.
“Get Down before you get hut,” shouted the man.
Unfortunately the mans bullets had no effect on the flying man other than to get his attention. Twin gout of flames flew through the air, one towards Zenada and the other to his would be rescuer. What clothing remained on Zenada was instantly turned to ash, and while fire hurt like crazy it didn't last very long. As for the man he had dodged the flames by leaping into the water.
The man flew up to Zenada and paused.
“By Allah,” he said, “you are certainly a huge one. Well no matter. Prepare to enter Paradise defiler of the Lands of the Two Holy Mosques.”
Zenada had no idea what this man with wings of flame was talking about, but he certainly was getting tired of having his lunch ruined by a bunch of lunatics. Glancing around Zenada saw a piece of the crane that had fallen on him. Inspiration suddenly struck him, and Zenada picked the piece of steel up. It felt like a feather in his hands, even though it probably weighed in the hundreds of kilos. Swinging the piece of steel at the man, Zenada got really lucky. The metal slammed into the flying man, and Zenada knew he hurt ribs cracking. There was a bright flash of fire and Zenada's makeshift club was melted down almost to where he was holding it. Shocked Zenada dropped the piece of steels and stared down at his hands. It was true, his hands were like nothing Zenada had ever seen.
Zenada turned to a slap on his lower back. Looking down he saw the man who had tried to help him. He didn't look to happy.
“Next time I tell you to get down Azim,” the man growled, “by Allah you had better do it. But otherwise you did a fair job. Not many people could hand the likes of Al-Humra Nisr.”
“Al-Humra Nisr?” mouthed Zenada, “isn't he one of those terrorists? One of those Fatwa guys?”
The man looked at Zenada as if he had come from another planet.
“Of course,” said the man, “didn't I just say so. I am Colonel Faisal ibn Abdullah Al Saud, but you can call me Colonel Saud. I am his majesties right hand, and the head of the Directorate.”
Zenada had never heard of the Directorate, but he certainly knew a member of the royal family when he met one. He bowed to the colonel.
“Enough of that,” said Colonel Saud, “Al-Humra Nisr or one of the others of Fatwa are probably sit about, although you dealt him a nasty blow. Come we must move.”
The day had changed Zenadas' life. He along with Colonel Saud and his Directorate agents had chanced off Fatwa, with only minor injuries to the Jeddah locals, but with a lot of property damage. Colonel Saud never did learn why Fatwa had attacked the port of Jeddah, but chalked it up to more of Imam's crazy quest for power. As for Zenada he got a trip to Riyadh, where he underwent several exams. It was determined that he possessed the ubergene, and was becoming super-humanly strong. Colonel Saud told him that it was his duty to serve the kingdom as a member of his Directorate, and was given the code-name: Azim or Huge in Arabic. At first Zenada didn't know what to think, but when he thought back to how much destruction Fatwa had done to Jeddah, he knew he had to remain and help out any way he could.
Zenada has quickly learned since his transformation into an Uberhuman that almost nothing can hurt him. Hence Zenada doesn't think twice or hesitate when it comes to a fight. Thinking that he is invulnerable makes Zenada a very confident person. This has been his undoing a number of times, especially when fighting opponents who don't rely on brute strength. When fighting those times of foes, Zenada downplays it as if his opponent got a luck shot in on him.
One of the main reasons Zenada has remained with the Directorate is that he truly is concerned about his fellow Arab. Zenada tries his best to see that innocents are out of the way of any fight that he is going into, and woe to any super-villain who blatantly attacks a civilian. There are few ways to anger Zenada, and hurting innocent people is the easiest.
"Is all this violence really necessary?"
Zenada is an uberhuman who is super-humanly strong. He has been known to lift some incredible amounts of weight. In addition to his superhuman strength, Zenada is also resistant to almost any physical harm. He took a direct hit from a plasma bolt from Al-Humra Nisr with little actual damage. Most uberhumans wouldn't have survived such an attack. Zenada has also been known to just shrug off attacks like so many buzzing insects.
During his time working for the Directorate, Zenada has learned a few combat routines. One of them is to grab a foe and squeeze the life out of them. So far, Zenada hasn't killed anyone with this particular attack. Another favorite of Zenada is for him to pound the ground with both fists causing massive shock-waves. Unfortunately, this attack also tends to cause massive property damage. Another is for Zenada to go in the middle of a bunch of normal attacks and fling his arms in all directions. Most normal people cannot take this abuse and usually end up in the hospital. Zenada isn't one to know how much strength to use.
Zenada is an enormous man. He stands about 3 meters, or almost 10 feet in height. Just looking at Zenada the first impression people make of him is that he is just simply massive. Zenada tips the scales at over 450 kilos, or almost a half a ton, and most of that is muscle.
Zenada wears a standard Directorate suit, but unlike the other suits worn by the agents, his isn't armored. He doesn't need any extra protection. Otherwise his suit consists of light green trousers, tunic, and boots. Also Zenada has removed the sleeves of his tunic. Zenada is more comfortable that way. He also has a white belt and the standard white harness that most Directorate agents wear.
Zenada is a dark skinned Arab with bright white hair. When his ubergene became active his hair gradually lost all of its pigment. Zenada also likes to keep a small soul patch to be stylish.